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The Big 5: a unique tradeshow for unique projects



The Big 5 Dubai 2015, took place from November the 23th to the 26th at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Launched in 1979, The Big 5 is the largest construction show in the MENA region and serves as a platform for the building and construction industry to showcase innovative products and techniques.

The four day international trade fair gives us the opportunity to highlight the true dynamism of the construction sector within the GCC countries. Indeed, industry specialists expect nearly $3 trillion worth of construction projects in Gulf countries to be delivered, counting both ongoing and planned ones [1].

A report produced for The Big 5[2] focuses on the current state of the GCC construction market, specific trends for each country and the challenges the region will face in the coming years as GCC construction industry continues to soar. In this report, the value of contract awards this year in the GCC countries is estimated to reach over $194 billion. The report also highlights that GCC population is estimated to raise from 35 million to 60.2 million by 2050, which is likely to stimulate growth in construction activity, especially in housing, education and healthcare. By 2020, airports are also expected to heavily expand due to an intensified number of passengers and cargo traffic, impelled by a strong growth in tourism.

The strong participation of European companies in the Big 5 shows the capitalization that can be built on the solid reputation for reliability and quality they benefit from, a reputation that is particularly important in the building sector. Standards and regulations, innovation and design and evolving technology along with sustainable and ecological efficiency are also main European company skills that appear to be central to an increased presence in the Middle East.


[1] “The Big 5 opens today with thousands of certified products on display”, The Khaleej Times, 11/23/15.

[2] GCC Construction Industry – Trends and Challenges for 2015.


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