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Expo 2020 Dubai to partner with 70 official product licensees



Starting from 2017, Expo 2020 Dubai will begin accepting tenders for over 5,000 unique licensed products, from 70 official licensees, one third of whom are expected to be SMEs. It is going to provide new opportunities for small entrepreneurs.

All visitors can expect some changes in the traditional exhibition, they are going to be able to buy a range of retail products, including souvenirs and collectibles, as well as traditional UAE products and luxury items such as commemorative timepieces.

The items will be sold at a dedicated 3,000 sq.m. ‘Superstore of the Future’, with additional Expo 2020 retail outlets opening across the UAE in the run-up to the event.

Expo 2020 Dubai will also seek partners for locally made products that capture the rich culture and heritage of the UAE. These will comprise everything from UAE-made textiles and ceramics, to food products and Arabian fragrances. Expo will collaborate with premium and luxury brands to produce exclusive collections.

The tendering process will be phased across 2017 and into 2018.

Gillian Hamburger, Vice President — Commercial at Expo 2020 Dubai said: “we are looking for designers, craftsmen, and artisans to work with us to create a unique range of licensed products for visitors to Expo 2020, and an assortment of products that appeal to all visitors, at a range of price points”.


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